product range

pine self-care product range

join in the celebration of pine forests everywhere, and absorb the alluring and woody scent of pine

silkelife brings us a heavenly range of wellness products based on pine essential oil

in addition to a rich foot cream, the pine product range consists of shower gel, bath foam, bath oil, sauna oil, body lotion, alcohol rub and room fragrance

each product contains pure essential pine oil

each product is free from parabens and silicones



shower gel, pine


refresh your body and revitalise your mind

breathe in the woody scent of mountain pine



foot cream, pine

reawaken your toes and enliven your feet

massage in the richness of mountain pine cream



bath oil, pine

renourish your skin and recondition your touch

recline in the skin soothing warmth of  pine



bath foam, pine

repose your body and rebalance your soul

immerse in the healing effects of mountain pine



rubbing alcohol, pine

repair muscles and joints and reduce aches

appreciate the alleviating effects of mountain pine



room fragrance, pine

reenergize your home and renew your life

experience the magic of pine forest bathing



body lotion, pine

regenerate your body and reboot your mind

smooth in the revitalizing mountain pine lotion



sauna oil, pine

revive your breathing and repurify your immune

inhale the stimulating aroma of mountain pine

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silkelife pine - product brochure