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join in the celebration of pine forests everywhere, and absorb the alluring and woody scent of pine


 silkelife brings us a heavenly range of wellness products containing pure essential pine oil. 

in addition to a rich foot cream, the pine product range consists of shower gel, bath foam, bath oil, sauna oil, body lotion, alcohol rub and room fragrance.

the brand name, silkelife, is inspired by a beautiful Danish town, Silkeborg, and encapsulates the vast wealth of nature in Denmarks Outdoor Capital. the name 'silke', of course, from Silkeborg and silke also meaning 'heavenly', with the brand logo inspired by a jetty at a local lake,  Almindsø. 

as well as Silkeborg being nestled in a pine forest, pine has an important history in Silkeborg where pine essential oil baths were part of the healing treatment for guests at Silkeborg Bad.

the essential oil, extracted from pine trees high in the Alps, is renowned for its healing properties – restoring healthy balanced skin, promoting relief from muscular and joint pain and soothing the respiratory system. 

Siobhán, the founder of silkelife, is at home in nature. having grown up on a small farm in the Irish countryside, she loves to find refreshment and tranquility in the surrounding forests. being a global traveler, she knows first-hand how important it is to incorporate nature in our everyday lives. having lived in many major cities, being grounded through connecting with nature is necessary.

she wants to bring us closer to nature, through the scent of pine, experiencing the myriad benefits of the pine range in our own homes. 

Siobhán is inspired by the character traits of the pine tree, where in Asian cultures, pine trees are revered representing wisdom and strength. as the pine tree grows, always striving to reach higher, we are invited to evolve, develop our higher purpose, and become wise like the pine tree.

through silkelife, our experience of being outdoors deep in a pine forest is awakened. the forest gives us the opportunity to indulgently connect with our senses freely and purely. our sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. feeling the strength and warmth of the tree trunk, tasting the fresh woody air, smelling the fragrance of the trees, hearing the sound of the birds, the wavering of the branches, the snapping of the twigs, the sound of the gentle breeze, and lastly, seeing the upright tree trunks sturdy and wise. 

simply quietly spending time in a forest is known to improve overall feelings of wellbeing bringing us tranquility and calm. as nature brings us physical and psychological health benefits, so too does immersing in the healing effects of pine. 

let silkelife bring you back to your roots 

for many people, pine evokes memories from younger days where a gift of pine bath foam triggered an occasion of joy and family euphoria. the generous bottle of heavenly substance streamed under the running water. the modest bathroom became submerged in the scent of pine. the bath tub became immersed with bubbles. excitement reached fever pitch, followed by everyone experiencing a deep and healing sleep, waking to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and at peace.

if you would like to breathe in the woody pine fragrance, experience the magic of pine forest bathing, and, immerse in the healing effects of pine, indulge your senses in silkelife pine.

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