our chakras

our chakras

our chakras are energy centers. 

they help us understand ourselves better. 

it is important our seven chakras are balanced.

when our first chakra is balanced, we feel secure, safe and confident. 

when it is blocked, we feel fearful and scared. 

we can help our first chakra feel balanced, by taking a walk.

with each step, feel your feet connect with the earth.

when our second chakra is balanced, we feel creative, attractive and joyful. 

when it is blocked, we feel emotionally unstable and depressed. 

we can help our second chakra feel balanced, by relaxing in water. 

take a bath and enjoy the healing pleasure of the sensual warmth.

when our third chakra is balanced, we feel self-motivated, confident and have healthy self-esteem. 

when it is blocked, we feel helpless and lack direction. 

we can help our third chakra feel balanced, by becoming physically fit. 

exercise energetically for thirty minutes and appreciate the increase in self-esteem

when our fourth chakra is balanced, we feel self-acceptance, peaceful and loving. 

when it is blocked, we feel lonely and judgemental. 

we can help our fourth chakra feel balanced, by showing love for ourselves and others. 

perform a loving act of kindness for yourself which helps you feel positive and loved

when our fifth chakra is balanced, we communicate clearly, are good listeners, and, live our truth. 

when it is blocked, we gossip and have difficulty putting feelings into words. 

we can help our fifth chakra feel balanced, by expressing ourselves. 

sing one of your favourite songs in the shower to enhance your ability to express

when our sixth chakra is balanced, we are intuitive, imaginative and wise. 

when it is blocked, we have poor memory and lack imagination. 

we can help our sixth chakra feel balanced, by listening to our intuition. 

take some moments in silence to tune into your inner wisdom

when our seventh chakra is balanced, we are aware, spiritually connected and have faith. 

when it is blocked, we feel confused and over intellectual. 

we can help our seventh chakra feel balanced, by trusting our journey. 

call upon higher guidance to make wise choices and decisions

embrace yourself. 

take a walk in nature. 

enjoy a relaxing bath. 

indulge in exercise. 

be kind to yourself. 


listen to your intuition. 

make wise choices. 

embrace each moment.

when energy flows in a balanced way through the seven primary chakras, our health and well-being is revitalised, there is greater positivity in our lives and we start to heal old wounds. 

practising simple daily activities, associated with each of the chakras, helps to keep our energy flowing freely.

in this free ebook, you will learn what the seven primary chakras are, why you may feel the way you feel, and, through specific enjoyable activities, learn to release blockages and find balance.

allow this book to guide you in increasing your awareness of the chakras on your heavenly journey.

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