the fight

Pine trees have evolved to survive, and thrive, year-round. They grow closely together to keep warm during cold weather. They ensure their water supply through tightly packed needle growth. Water loss is reduced through the waxy outer layer protecting the water inside the needle from freezing.

In areas where there is a danger of forest ground fires, pine trees have adapted to outsmart the flames, and even benefit from it. As the pine tree grows, it loses its lower branches, and grows branches closer to the sunlight, eliminating the danger of lower flammable needles catching fire. The fire burns away competing growth, and the remaining ash is nutrient rich for the pine. Some pine trees even wait for the heat of a fire to open their cones and distribute the seeds.

Many of us get up each day to face the fight, through harsh and less harsh conditions. Each day can feel like a fight for something. Survival? Do we know what the self-created stress is for? Nobody is fighting against us. There is no fire engulfing us. It is a fight, a fight against an imaginary force.

How will you adapt today to eliminate the stress created from imaginary forces?

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