free flow

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms”. (Sensei Ogui)

Just like a flower, a pine tree does not think of competing with the pine tree next to it. It grows fresh needles, and reaches graciously towards the sky.

It doesn’t judge the tree next to it. It doesn’t compare itself to the trees surrounding it, or the trees on the next hill. Or the irresistible looking pine trees on the next mountain. It maintains its own speed of growth and contributes elegantly to the landscape.

Most importantly, the pine tree doesn’t judge itself. It knows its own duty. It makes sure it’s healthy through internal distribution of nutrients, and that it can grow. It focuses on being the best it can be.

Each day, we can be our best. We can carry out our duty to grow without comparing ourselves to others, without judging others. And most importantly without judging ourselves.

One opportunity we have for growth is through writing. Writing is one way we can develop as human beings. It helps us process our thoughts. To release bottled-up feelings. To release positive feelings.

Imagine creating something. Imagine getting rid of inhibition, and growing. Imagine writing 1,000 words in thirty minutes - with help from the Coffee and Words writing app. Without judgement. No judgement of spelling. No judgement of thoughts. No judgment of how good it is. Purely private. Just for you. No judgement from others.

No judgement from you.

Allowing your brain, stomach and fingers to work seamlessly together to produce 1,000 words. The beauty being the flow of thoughts. The free flow.

Getting rid of distractions, barriers, and self-judgement. Getting rid of comparing ourselves to others. Getting rid of aiming for so-called perfection. Just to be. Just to write.

Just as a pine tree does not think of competing with the pine tree next to it. It just keeps growing. It keeps producing beautiful little needles, and structured little cones. If we forget about comparing, about judging, about editing, we too can create something beautiful, independent of what we perceive may be happening around us.

How many words will you write today?

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